Civil Procedure Rules Forms

These unofficial, web-based versions of the Civil Procedure Rules Forms are provided for the convenience of counsel and prospective litigants. If there is a discrepancy in a form below, the forms found in the consolidated Civil Procedure Rules, Part 22 Forms are the official versions.

Most of the court forms on this page are currently available in Microsoft (MS) Word only. Work is underway to create fillable PDF versions of all court forms that can be completed online. Fillable PDF versions of the forms will be posted on this page as they are completed. 

Please note that this page only lists Rules that have forms associated with them. For a complete list of the Civil Procedure Rules, please visit the Rules section.

Rule Form MS Word
4.02 Notice of action Notice of Action - Form 4.02A Form 4.02A
  Statements of Claim, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, Claim Against Third Party - Form 4.02B Form 4.02B
4.03 Notice of action for debt Notice of Action for Debt - Form 4.03A Form 4.03A
  Statement of Claim for Debt - Form 4.03B Form 4.03B
4.05 Defending an action Notice of Defence - Form 4.05A Form 4.05A
  Statement of Defence - Form 4.05B Form 4.05B
4.06 Demand for notice Demand for Notice - Form 4.06 Form 4.06
4.08 Counterclaim Notice of Defence and Counterclaim - Form 4.08 Form 4.08
  Statement of Defence - Form 4.05B Form 4.05B
  Statements of Claim, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, Claim Against Third Party - Form 4.02B Form 4.02B
4.09 Crossclaim Notice of Defence with Crossclaim - Form 4.09 Form 4.09
  Statement of Defence - Form 4.05B Form 4.05B
  Statements of Claim, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, Claim Against Third Party - Form 4.02B Form 4.02B
4.10 Counterclaim involving third party Notice of Claim Against Third Party - Form 4.11 Form 4.11
  Statements of Claim, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, Claim Against Third Party - Form 4.02B Form 4.02B
4.13 Request for date assignment conference Request for Date Assignment Conference - Form 4.13 Form 4.13
4.15 Memorandum for date assignment judge Memorandum for Date Assignment Judge - Form 4.15 Form 4.15


Rule Form MS Word
5.02 Ex parte application in chambers Ex parte Application - Form 5.02 Form 5.02
5.03 Application in chambers on notice Notice of Application in Chambers - Form 5.03 Form 5.03
5.04 Notice of contest of chambers application Notice of Contest (Chambers Application) - Form 5.04 Form 5.04
5.07 Application in court Notice of Application in Court - Form 5.07 Form 5.07
5.08 Notice of contest of application in court Notice of Contest (Application in Court) - Form 5.08 Form 5.08
5.10 Respondent's claim in Application in Court Notice of Claim by Respondent - Form 5.10 Form 5.10
5.11 Contesting Respondent's Claim Contest of Respondent's Claim - Form 5.11 Form 5.11
5.16 Notice of objection to admissibility Notice of Objection to Admissibility - Form 5.16 Form 5.16

Rule Form MS Word
7.05 Judicial review application Notice for Judicial Review - Form 7.05 Form 7.05
7.08 Participation by respondent Notice of Participation - Form 7.08 Form 7.08
7.12 Notice for habeas corpus Notice for Habeas Corpus - Form 7.12 Form 7.12
7.12A Notice of contest for habeas corpus Notice of Contest for Habeas Corpus - Form 7.12A Form 7.12A
7.13 Order for habeas corpus Order for Habeas Corpus - Form 7.13 Form 7.13
7.19 Notice of appeal Notice of Appeal - Form 7.19 Form 7.19

Rule Form MS Word
9.02 Discontinuing a proceeding Notice of Discontinuance - Form 9.02 Form 9.02
9.04 Mandatory discontinuance of action for debt Receipt - Form 9.04 Form 9.04
9.05 Withdrawal Notice of Withdrawal - Form 9.05A Form 9.05A
  Consent to Judgment - Form 9.05B Form 9.05B

Rule Form MS Word
10.06 Withdrawal or expiry of formal offer to settle Offer to Settle by Claimant (Monetary) - Form 10.06A Form 10.06A
  Offer to Settle by Claimant (Non-Monetary) - Form 10.06B Form 10.06B
  Offer to settle by Party Claimed Against (Monetary) - Form 10.06C Form 10.06C
  Offer to Settle by Party Claimed Against (Non-Monetary) - Form 10.06D Form 10.06D


Rule Form MS Word
15.03 Disclosure in an action Affidavit Disclosing Documents (Individual) - Form 15.03A Form 15.03A
  Affidavit Disclosing Documents (Corporation) - Form 15.03B Form 15.03B

Rule Form MS Word
16.09 Disclosure in an action (default provision) Affidavit Disclosing Electronic Information (Individual) - Form 16.09A Form 16.09A
  Affidavit Disclosing Electronic Information (Corporation) - Form 16.09B Form 16.09B

Rule Form MS Word
18.04 Discovery subpoena in an action (party) Discovery Subpoena (party) - Form 18.04A Form 18.04A
  Representations and Undertaking (party) - Form 18.04B Form 18.04B
18.05 Discovery subpoena in an action (non-party) Discovery Subpoena (non-party) - Form 18.05A Form 18.05A
  Representations and Undertaking (non-party) - Form 18.05B Form 18.05B
18.11 Discovery subpoena for discovery approved in application Discovery Subpoena (application) - Form 18.11 Form 18.11


Rule Form MS Word
19.05 Contents of demand Demand for Answers (Interrogatories) - Form 19.05 Form 19.05
19.07 Response Response to Interrogatories - Form 19.07 Form 19.07


Rule Form MS Word
20.03 Requesting admission Request for Admission - Form 20.03 Form 20.03
20.04 Response to request for admission Response to Request for Admission - Form 20.04 Form 20.04

Rule Form MS Word
Motion by prothonotary Notice of Motion By Prothonotary - Form 22.12 Form 22.12

Rule Form MS Word
23.03 Motion on notice Notice of Motion - Form 23.03 Form 23.03
23. 14 Ex parte motion Ex Parte Motion - Form 23.14 Form 23.14


Rule Form MS Word
24.04 Appearance notice Notice of Appearance Motion - Form 24.03 Form 24.03


Rule Form MS Word
31.05 Proof of personal service Proof of Personal Service Affidavit - Form 31.05 Form 31.05
31.18 Form of designation of address for delivery Designation of Address for Delivery - Form 31.18 Form 31.18
31.19 Notice of constitutional question Notice of Constitutional Issue - Form 31.19 Form 31.19


Rule Form MS Word
33.06 Change of counsel Notice of New Counsel - Form 33.06 Form 33.06
33.07 Party acting on own after discharging counsel Notice of Intention to Act on One’s Own - Form 33.07 Form 33.07


Rule Form Word
34.03 Corporation acting on its own Notice of Appointment of Agent - Form 34.03 Form 34.03
34.04 Replacing agent Replacement of Agent - Form 34.04 Form 34.04

Rule Form MS Word
35.12 Subsequent encumbrancer Notice to Subsequent Encumbrancer - Form 35.12 Form 35.12

Rule Form MS Form
36.07 Becoming litigation guardian Litigation Guardian’s Statement - Form 36.07 Form 36.07

Rule Form MS Word
38.08 Requiring particulars in an action Demand for Particulars - Form 38.08 Form 38.08
38.09 Providing particulars in an action Answer to Demand for Particulars - Form 38.09 Form 38.09


Rule Form MS Word
39.08 Form of affidavit Form of Affidavit - Form 39.08 Form 39.08
39.09 Proof of exhibit Writing That Marks an Exhibit (Stamp) - Form 39.09 Form 39.09


Rule Form MS Word
43.04 Obligation and bond securing it Bond For Temporary Recovery Order - Form 43.04 Form 43.04
43.05 Form of order Temporary Recovery Order - Form 43.05 Form 43.05
43.06 Party reacquiring property Bond to Retain Property (Party's) - Form 43.06A Form 43.06A
  Prothonotary’s Certificate - Form 43.06B Form 43.06B

Rule Form MS Word
44.04 Obligation and bond securing it Obligation Bond (for Attachment) - Form 44.04 Form 44.04
44.06 Attachment order Attachment order - Form 44.06 Form 44.06
44.07 Terminating attachment Bond to Terminate Attachment (Party’s) - Form 44.07A Form 44.07A
  Prothonotary’s Certificate - Form 44.07B Form 44.07B


Rule Form MS Word
46.04 Payment into court on notice Notice of Payment into Court - Form 46.04 Form 46.04

Rule Form MS Word
50.05 Form of subpoena Subpoena - Form 50.05 Form 50.05
50.13 Arrest Warrant for Arrest of Defaulting Witness - Form 50.13 Form 50.13


Rule Form MS Word
56.04 Content of order for commission Order for Commission - Form 56.04 Form 56.04
56.05 Instructions for taking evidence Instructions to a Commissioner for an Out-of-Court Examination - Form 56.05 Form 56.05
56.06 Instructions for transmitting evidence Instructions to a Commissioner to Transmit Evidence - Form 56.06 Form 56.06
56.09 Compelling attendance before commissioner Letter of Request - Form 56.09 Form 56.09


Rule Form Fillable PDF MS Word
59.07 Notice of application Notice of Application - Form 59.07 Form 59.07 Form 59.07
59.08 Response to application by respondent Response to Application - Form 59.08 Form 59.08 Form 59.08
59.09 Petition for divorce Petition for Divorce - Form 59.09 Form 59.09 Form 59.09
59.10 Answer to petition for divorce Answer to Petition for Divorce - Form 59.10 Form 59.10 Form 59.10
59.11 Demand for notice Demand for Notice (Divorce Action) - Form 59.11 Form 59.11 Form 59.11
59.12 Notice of variation application Notice of Variation Application - Form 59.12 Form 59.12 Form 59.12
59.13 Response to variation application by respondent Response to Variation Application - Form 59.13A Form 59.13A Form 59.13A
  Request to Convert - Form 59.13B Form 59.13B Form 59.13B
59.16 Expiry, discontinuance, and withdrawal Notice of Discontinuance (Family Proceeding) - Form 59.16A Form 59.16A Form 59.16A
  Notice of Continuance - Form 59.16B Form 59.16B Form 59.16B
  Notice of Withdrawal of Response or Answer - Form 59.16C Form 59.16C Form 59.16C
59.25 Direction to disclose Direction to Disclose - Form 59.25   Form 59.25
59.26 Order to appear and disclose and order to disclose Order to Appear and Disclose - Form 59.26A   Form 59.26A
  Order to Disclose - Form 59.26B   Form 59.26B
59.27 Order for disclosure by non-party Order for Disclosure by Non-Party - Form 59.27   Form 59.27
59.30 Conciliation meeting and directions Direction to Appear - Form 59.30   Form 59.30
59.35 Conciliation record Conciliation Record - Form 59.35   Form 59.35
59.36 Referral to court Notice to Appear in Court - Form 59.36   Form 59.36
59.44 Uncontested motion for divorce Uncontested Motion for a Divorce - Form 59.44 Form 59.44 Form 59.44
59.45 Application for divorce based on written agreement Application for a Divorce by Agreement - Form 59.45 Form 59.45 Form 59.45
59.46 Joint application for divorce Joint Application for Divorce - Form 59.46 Form 59.46 Form 59.46
59.48 Divorce order and corollary relief order Divorce Order - Form 59.48A   Form 59.48A
  Corollary Relief Order - Form 59.48B   Form 59.48B
59.49 Divorce certificate Certificate of Divorce - Form 59.49   Form 59.49

Rule Form MS Word
60A.03 Notice of child protection application Notice of  Child Protection Application - Form 60A.03 Form 60A.03
60A.07 Taking child into care Notice of Taking into Care Made Before a Protection Application is Started - Form 60A.07 Form 60A.07
  Notice of Taking into Care Made After a Protection Application is Started - Form 60A.07A Form 60A.07A
60A.12 Stay until mediation completed Order for Stay During Mediation - Form 60A.12 Form 60A.12
60A.16 Disposition hearing Notice of Motion for Disposition Order - Form 60A.16 Form 60A.16
60A.17 Agency plan for disposition hearing Agency’s Plan for the Child’s Care - Form 60A.17 Form 60A.17
60A.19 Order of dismissal Order of Dismissal - Form 60A.19 Form 60A.19
60A.20 Supervision order Supervision Order - Form 60A.20 Form 60A.20
60A.21 Order for temporary care and custody Order for Temporary Care and Custody - Form 60A.21 Form 60A.21
60A.22 Order for permanent care and custody Order for Permanent Care and Custody - Form 60A.22 Form 60A.22
60A.28 Locate and Detain Order to Locate and Detain a Child - Form 60A.28 Form 60A.28
60A.32 Removal of name in Child Abuse Register Application for Removal of Name - Form 60A.32 Form 60A.32
60A.39 Notice of adult protection application Notice of Adult Protection Application - Form 60A.39 Form 60A.39
60A.40 Notice of adult application (after removal) Notice of Adult Protection After Removal Application - Form 60A.40 Form 60A.40

Rule Form MS Word
61.02 Application for adoption with consents Application for Adoption with Consents - Form 61.02 Form 61.02
61.05 Evidence in support Consent - Form 61.05A Form 61.05A
  Mother’s Statutory Declaration - Form 61.05B Form 61.05B
61.07 Adoption Order Adoption Order - Form 61.07 Form 61.07


Rule Form MS Word
63.04 Heading Document Must Contain a Standard Heading - Form 63.04 Form 63.04
63.05 How and when appeal started Notice of Summary Conviction Appeal - Form 63.05 Form 63.05

Rule Form MS Word
64.03 Mandamus, certiorari, and prohibition Notice for Judicial Review - Form 7.05 Form 7.05
64.04 Habeas corpus Notice for Habeas Corpus - Form 7.12 Form 7.12

Rule  Form MS Word
65.03 Heading Document Must Contain a Standard Heading - Form 65.03 Form 65.03
65.04 Starting application Application for Reduction of Parole Ineligibility - Form 65.04 Form 65.04
65.05 Affidavit Affidavit - Form 65.05 Form 65.05

Rule Form MS Word
67.03 Builders’ alternative claim for judgment Notice of Alternative Claim - Form 67.03 Form 67.03

Rule Form MS Word
69.02 Election petition Election Petition - Form 69.02 Form 69.02

Rule Form MS Word
78.05 Form of written order Order - Form 78.05 Form 78.05


Rule Form MS Word
79.10 Content of notice to joint account holder Notice of Execution Against Joint Account - Form 79.10 Form 79.10
79.17 Form of execution order Execution Order - Form 79.17A Form 79.17A
  Statement of Amount for Execution - Form 79.17B Form 79.17B
79.19 Content of periodic execution order Periodic Execution Order - Form 79.19 Form 79.19
79.23 Discovery of debtor in aid of execution Subpoena - Form 79.23A Form 79.23A
  Representation for a Subpoena to a Judgment Debtor - Form 79.23B Form 79.23B

    MS Word
81.03 Notice after ex parte registration Notice of Ex Parte Registration - Form 81.03 Form 81.03

Rule Form MS Word
89.05 Notice of motion for contempt order Notice of Motion for Contempt Order - Form 89.05 Form 89.05
89.11 Arrest, detention, and release Arrest Warrant for a Contempt Hearing - Form 89.11 Form 89.11

Rule Form MS Word
90.06 Notice of appeal (general) Notice of Appeal (General) - Form 90.06 Form 90.06
  Application for Leave to Appeal (WCB) - Form 90.07A Form 90.07A
90.07 Notice of appeal (tribunal) Notice of Appeal (Tribunal) - Form 90.07B Form 90.07B
90.08 Notice of appeal (child protection) Notice of Appeal (Child Protection) - Form 90.08 Form 90.08
90.09 Notice of appeal (interlocutory) Notice of Application for Leave to Appeal - Form 90.09 Form 90.09
  Notice of Appeal (Interlocutory) - Form 90.10 Form 90.10
90.10 Notice of appeal (costs only) Notice of Application for Leave to Appeal - Form 90.09 Form 90.09
  Notice of Appeal (Costs Only) - Form 90.10 Form 90.10
90.26 Certificate of readiness Certificate of Readiness - Form 90.26 Form 90.26

Rule Form MS Word
91.05 Starting an appeal Notice of Appeal (Represented) - Form 91.05A Form 91.05A
  Notice of Appeal (Not Represented) - Form 91.05B Form 91.05B
91.23 Abandonment of appeal Notice of Abandonment - Form 91.23 Form 91.23