Other Resources

This page offers links to websites for the Supreme Court of Canada and other federal and provincial Courts in Canada, as well as sites for governments, agencies and organizations involved with the Canadian legal system. It is not a complete list. 



















JUSICE CANADA - This is the federal Department of Justice website, which provides general information about the country's laws, the justice system, and the Canadian Courts.

LLRX - Law and technology resources for legal professionals. This website provides information and links to print and online resources that give an excellent overview of how the Canadian legal system operates.

NOVA SCOTIA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE - This provincial government website offers information on areas the Department is responsible for, including:

  • Access to estate management data
  • Accessibility Directorate
  • Correctional services
  • Court Services
  • Court transcribers and certification
  • Crime prevention
  • CyberScan Investigation Unit
  • Legal Services
  • Maintenance Enforcement Program
  • Personal directives
  • Policing services
  • Private security and special constables
  • Provincial firearms
  • Public Safety
  • Reportable incident updates
  • Restorative Justice
  • Rewards for unsolved crimes
  • Victim Services

NOVA SCOTIA FAMILY LAW - This website offers information relating to the law, the processes, and the services that make up family law in Nova Scotia. It will help you understand your family law issue and will provide tools to help solve your problem.

LEGAL INFORMATION SOCIETY OF NOVA SCOTIA (LISNS) - This website offers a wide variety of general and specific information about Canada's and Nova Scotia's laws, the provincial justice system, and the courts. In addition LISNS provides specific legal information over the phone and a lawyer referral service, which can provide preliminary legal advice for a small flat fee.

NOVA SCOTIA BARRISTERS' SOCIETY - The Society is the public interest regulator of the legal profession. It is the licensing and disciplinary body for lawyers. It sets and maintains standards, ensures responsibility through regulation, and works to enhance access to justice. This website includes legal information, as well as contact information for the practicing lawyers in Nova Scotia. 

CANADIAN BAR ASSOCIATION - The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) is the largest professional association for lawyers in Canada. This is the website for the Nova Scotia Branch of the CBA. 

REACHABILITY - This organization is dedicated to equalizing the playing field for people facing barriers. Through unique partnerships within the disabled, Aboriginal, African Canadian and new immigrant communities, this organization has created programming that fosters pre-employment skills and employment opportunities for all Nova Scotians facing the sting of stigma. reachAbility also offers clinics to help with filling out court forms and other legal preparation.

CANADIAN JUDICIAL COUNCIL (CJC) - This is a federal body created under the Judges Act with the mandate to promote efficiency, uniformity, and accountability, and to improve the quality of judicial service in the superior courts of Canada. One of the CJC's responsibility is to deal with complaints about the conduct of judges.

OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER FOR FEDERAL JUDICIAL AFFAIRS - This office provides federally appointed judges with administrative services independent of the federal Department of Justice. Among other responsibilities, the Office is responsible for evaluating candidates for federal judicial appointment.

CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF SUPERIOR COURT JUDGES - This association represents approximately 1,000 judges who serve on the superior courts and courts of appeal of each province and territory, as well as on the Federal Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal and the Tax Court of Canada.

NOVA SCOTIA PUBLIC PROSECUTION SERVICE - This website explains the role of the Public Prosecution Service and the job of the Crown Attorney. It also takes you, step-by-step, through a criminal case. It explains the process clearly and simply and will help you to understand how a criminal prosecution works in Canada perhaps correcting any misconceptions you might have.

PUBLIC PROSECUTION SERVICE OF CANADA - The Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC) is a national, independent and accountable prosecuting authority whose main objective is to prosecute federal offences and provides legal advice and assistance to law enforcement.

NOVA SCOTIA OFFICE OF INFORMATION AND PRIVACY COMMISSIONER - This site contains a variety of information pertaining to the provincial Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP), the municipal Part XX Municipal Government Act (MGA) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Review Office.

ACCESS TO JUSTICE AND LAW REFORM INSTITUTE - The Access to Justice & Law Reform Institute makes recommendations for the modernization, improvement and reform of law and acts as a center of coordination, research, education and action on access to justice. As an access to justice hub we engage and coordinate work with justice stakeholders, students, the public and frontline service providers to promote and build capacity on access to justice and law reform.

CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF PROVINCIAL COURT JUDGES - The (CAPCJ) is a federation of provincial and territorial judges’ associations. Founded in 1973, its membership now includes most of the over 1,000 provincial and territorial judges in Canada.

SCHULICH SCHOOL OF LAW AT DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY - Established in 1883, the law school at Dalhousie University in Halifax was the first university-based law school in Canada.

DALHOUSIE LEGAL AID SERVICE - This is a community-based office in the north-end Halifax offering legal services. It also is a clinical program for law students and is operated by the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University.

NOVA SCOTIA LEGAL AID COMMISSION - This organization delivers quality legal representation to qualified applicants with priority for matters involving the liberty and civil rights of individual clients and for matters involving the integrity and protection of an individual's family.

THE NOVA SCOTIA LEGISLATURE - Here you will find a collection of the province's current laws and regulations, as well as information on the legislative and executive branches of government and details on how a bill becomes a law.