Family Division Practice Memorandum Forms

These unofficial, web-based versions of the Civil Procedure Rules Forms are provided for the convenience of counsel and prospective litigants. If there is a discrepancy in a form below, the forms found in the consolidated Civil Procedure Rules, Part 22 Forms are the official versions.

Most of the court forms on this page are currently available in Microsoft (MS) Word only. Work is underway to create fillable PDF versions of all court forms that can be completed online. Fillable PDF versions of the forms will be posted on this page as they are completed. 

Section Form   PDF Word
Part 2 - Documents        
2.01 These Forms must be filed by the parties as required under Rule 59 and the applicable legislation:      
  Statement of Contact Information and Circumstances  Form FD 1 PDF Word
  Parenting Statement  Form FD 2A PDF Word
  Statement of Contact Time and Interaction Form FD 2B PDF Word
  Statement of Income Form FD 3 PDF Word
  Statement of Special or Extraordinary Expenses  Form FD 4 PDF Word
  Statement of Undue Hardship Circumstances  Form FD 5 PDF Word
  Statement of Expenses Form FD 6 PDF Word
  Statement of Property  Form FD 7 PDF Word
  Notice of Motion for Directions (family)  Form FD 8 PDF Word
  Affidavit Supporting a Motion for Directions (family)  Form FD 9 PDF Word
  Request for a Date Assignment Conference (divorce) Form FD 10 PDF Word
  Waiver of Financial Statements  Form FD 11 PDF Word
  Affidavit - Uncontested Divorce (joint application)  Form FD 12   Word
  Affidavit - Uncontested Divorce (application)  Form FD 12   Word
  Affidavit - Uncontested Divorce (petition)  Form FD 12   Word
  Notice of Motion for Interim Relief (family proceedings)  Form FD 13 PDF Word
  Ex Parte Motion (family proceedings)  Form FD 14 PDF Word
Part 4 - Orders        
Rule 59.33 Interim Order for Child Support made by a Judge or Court Officer under Rule 59.33  Interim Order for Child Support - Form FDO 1   Word
Rule 59.53 Order (Family Proceeding) (final Order for an original proceeding other than an divorce proceeding and for a 
motion under Rule 59.53 and relating to child support, custody, access, spousal support and/or property division
order under Nova Scotia provincial legislation such as the Parenting and Support Act
Order (Family Proceeding) - Form FDO 4   Word
PM - 4.08 Variation order must refer to the order or orders being varied and provide the date of the order or orders being varied in the recitals Order for Paternity Testing - Form FDO 5   Word
    Order for an Assessment Report - Form FDO 6   Word