Civil Weddings

In Nova Scotia, a civil wedding ceremony can be performed by:

  • A Judge of the Provincial Court;
  • A Justice of the Supreme Court;
  • A Staff Justice of the Peace; or
  • An Administrative Justice of the Peace

Civil Weddings in Courthouses

If you want your ceremony to take place at a courthouse in the Halifax Regional Municipality, please call 902-424-3990. If you want your ceremony to be performed in a courthouse outside the Halifax region, please contact your local courthouse. There is a designated marriage scheduler in each courthouse who can assist you. Courthouse locations can be found here.

Cost for a Civil Wedding

The cost for a civil wedding in a Nova Scotia courthouse is $200 and the cost for a wedding rehearsal (if required) is $100. These costs are established by the Nova Scotia Cost and Fees ActAdministrative Justices of the Peace can also bill for applicable expenses, including mileage, parking, and tolls.

Marriage Licenses

You must obtain a marriage license prior to your wedding ceremony. Marriage licenses are not issued by the courts. They can be obtained at Access Nova Scotia centres across the province. For more information on obtaining a marriage license, please visit