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Some other services give information on the effects that separation and divorce may have on individuals and their children. And still others are in place to explain court procedure and the legal process if you are not represented by a lawyer. Everyone is encouraged to obtain legal advice at each stage of the process.

When you first come to the Court ....

Representing yourself
in Court?

If you are representing yourself in the Supreme Court Family Division, see the information provided for self-representend parties HERE >>

... you will meet with a court officer who helps determine which court services will address your issues. Then you are required by the Court to exchange appropriate information with the other party to properly address the issues that have been identified. If both parties are interested in pursuing an alternative to the court process, the following services are available .....


Parties can be referred to mediation by the Court after one of the parties starts an action in the Supreme Court Family Division. Both partiesĀ  work with a trained, impartial mediator who will help them try to reach agreements about family law issues such as custody, access, child support, spousal support and division of property.


Conciliation begins after one of the parties starts an action in the Supreme Court Family Division. Both parties, either in separate meetings or together, meet with a court officer who assesses their situation and considers the appropriate options available to them. MORE ABOUT CONCILIATION >>

Parent Assessments:

Parent Assessments provide the Court with information and/or recommendations on how the needs of the child may best be met. The assessor's focus is on what is in the best interests of the child. MORE ABOUT PARENT ASSESSMENTS >>

Divorce Judgements:

For information on Divorce Judgements, Corollary Relief Judgements, and Certificates of Divorce, go to the

Parent Information:

The goals of the Parent Information Program are:

To increase parents' awareness of the impact of parental conflict on children
To improve communication between parents about their children's needs
To provide new ways to avoid placing children in the middle of issues between their parents


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