The Metro Halifax Parent Information Program, scheduled for
Sat. Jan. 31, 2015, is canceled due to the forcast storm.
The session will be rescheduled.


Family Law Information On-line

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Here is a website that offers more information relating to the law, the processes, and the services that make up family law in Nova Scotia. It will help you understand your family law issue and will provide tools to help solve your problem.
To access the Family Law Nova Scotia website, click on the column graphic to the left .


Family Law Information In-person

There are two "in-person" Family Law Information Program Centres (FLIP Centres) in Nova Scotia; one in Halifax at the Supreme Court Family Division courthouse on Devonshire and another one in Sydney at the courthouse on Charlotte.

These Centres are open to the public. On-site court staff members are available to answer general family law questions. You can also access written materials on family law issues and court processes. Information presentations about family law, such as filing for divorce, are also offered on a regular basis at both FLIP Centres.

For more information about the Centres and what they offer, about their office hours and how to contact them, and about dates and times of the information presentations, click here: FAMILY LAW NOVA SCOTIA WEBSITE >>