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Kings County Only

The Law Courts
87 Cornwallis Street
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The Court sits every other Wednesday
starting at 11:30 AM

Participation in the Court Monitored Drug Treatment Program is voluntary. It is for adults who reside in Kings County (persons 18 years of age and older) and have been charged with a criminal offence committed in Kings County.

Participants must accept responsibility for their criminal actions and have an addiction to cocaine (including crack cocaine), methamphetamines (also commonly referred to as meth, crystal, ice) and/or opioids (opioids are drugs like heroin, codeine, morphine, Percocet, etc). There must be a connection between the addiction and the alleged offense(s). Once accepted into the Program, they must plead guilty to the offence(s). The Crown Prosecutor in the Court Monitored Drug Treatment Program must consent to their participation.

The Process

The accused individual first appears in Provincial Court for arraignment. If the individual meets the eligibility criteria, a referral to the program may be made by the police, a lawyer, a doctor or the Accused may ask for a referral to the program.

If the accused is referred to the Court Monitored Drug Treatment Program, the Crown Prosecutor assigned to the program must first determine that there is a reasonable prospect of conviction if the case were to go to trial. Secondly, a treatment screen is completed. If the accused is then accepted into the program, an individualized treatment plan will be developed.

The treatment plan is developed with the participant and it includes requirements such as participating in group treatment, individual counselling and random drug testing each week. Participants are required to attend court every two weeks. There is a pre-court meeting where the program team discusses the progress of each participant’s treatment plan.


The Court Monitored Drug Treatment Program is not a trial court. If an individual is successful in completing the program, that person's sentence could be reduced. This depends on the case and the recommendation from the program team to the Provincial Court Judge.

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