ACJ Alan Tufts

ACJ Tufts' Professional Biograpy

Associate Chief Judgg Tufts earned his B.Sc. and B.Ed. from Dalhousie University. He graduated from Dalhousie Law School in 1979 and was called to the Bar that same year.

He was a teacher at Hants West Rural High School before beginning his career in law as an associate with Thorpe Buntain Muttart and Forse in Kentville.

ACJ Tufts replaces the Honourable Pamela S. Williams as Associate Chief Judge of the Provincial Court. Earlier this year, she was appointed as Chief Judge of the Provincial and Family Courts - the first woman to head those two Courts.

Chiefs and Associate Chiefs of the Provincial And Family Courts of Nova Scotia are appointed for five years terms and can hold those positions for a maximum of two terms.

A committee chaired by the Chief Justice of Nova Scotia considers applicants from among the current Judges of the Provincial and Family Courts. The other members of the committee are the Chief Judge of the two Courts, the president of the Provincial Judges' Association, and a lay person designated by the Minister of Justice.

Sitting Judges put their names forward. The committee considers their applications, interviews them, and receives input from other Judges. The committee then reports its findings to the Minister of Justice who makes his selection from among the applicants considered suitable for appointment.

In addition to his new duties as Associate Chief Judge, ACJ Tufts will continue to preside in Provincial Court in Kentville.