Change of Location Expected to Last 8-10 Months

Summit Place
The temporary courtroom is located
on the Fifth Floor of Summit Place
1601 Lower Water Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Although the Court’s next term does not start until September, Chambers sessions and matters that are time-sensitive will be heard in the Summit Place courtroom through the summer.

Halifax Law Courts
The Law Courts
1601 Lower Water St.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Some Justices of the Supreme Court will also be working out of the Summit Place location for the next 8-to-12 months. They will also be hearing cases in the courtroom there on occasion.

Over at the Law Courts, the 7th floor courtrooms and offices, as well as the Barristers' Society library, have re-opened. They had been at Summit Place for eight months in 2012/13.

For more information about the Barristers' Library, go to

This next phase of renovations at the Law Courts requires the closing the 6th and 5th floors. The construction work will put four courtrooms, including the one used by the Federal Courts, as well as the Judges’ offices and the space used by¬† judicial support staff, out of commission for the next nine months or so.

Summit Place is about three blocks south of the Law Courts on Water Street


Law Courts To Summit Place Map