Judges in Canada - What they do and how they do it!


A critical piece in maintaining, preserving and enhancing the justice system in Canada is educating the public. This is also one of the primary objectives of the Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association (CSCJA).

By ensuring Canadians understand how the justice sysetm functions and what they can expect, the CSCJA is helping promote effective and timely access to justice for all.

That was the reasoning behind this new video teaching tool. The video is aimed at new and young Canadians, as well as the public in general. It illustrates what people are entitled to expect from judges in Canadian Courts and covers the principles fundamental to the Canadian justice system, including judicial Independence and the rule of law.

Educational messages are embedded in the story of a young man, Weldon, who, while returning his child to her mother, becomes involved in a car accident. This results in criminal charges. The child’s mother then applies to the Family Court to seek restrictions on his contact with his child. Our narrator, The Honourable Judge Samuel Moreau of the Provincial Court of Nova Scotia, walks the viewer through the young man’s story.

In a courtroom scene, The Honourable Justice Deborah Gass of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia (Family Division) addresses Weldon’s fear about discrimination within the justice system. The video identifies the citizen’s legal entitlement to a fair hearing according to the evidence and the law, regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation or cultural origin.


The Honourable Justice Deborah Gass of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia (Family Division) played the role of the judge in the courtroom scenes throughout the video.