Credits and Acknowlegements

The 250 th Anniversary of the Supreme Court Committee, Chaired by Mr. George Cooper, expresses its thanks to the following people who contributed to the construction of this web site:

Mr. Dean Jobb – researched and wrote the substantive content of the site. Freelance writer Dean Jobb teaches media law and investigative journalism at the University of King's College in Halifax.

- constructed the information architecture, the functionality and design of the site. Terri Harlow is the principal of Alumena Designs, a visual communication company.

– researched, verified and sourced all illustrations, graphics and background information. Lynne Reed, now retired, was the Executive Director, Administrative Office of the Trial Court, Massachusetts.

Mr. Justice Joel Fichaud – reviewed the text and provided input on site content and structure.

Professor Phil Girard – provided substantive background content and helped verify the accuracy of the site. Phil Girard is a Professor of Law, History and Canadian Studies at Dalhousie University.

Mr. Barry Cahill – provided advice, helped source content and verified the accuracy of certain data. Barry Cahill is senior archivist, Government Archives at Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management.

Mr. John Macleod – helped source material for the virtual archive. John Macleod is archivist, Government Archives, at Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management.

Mr. Jay McCurdy - took the photos of the judges' portraits. Jay McCurdy is a software engineer at IT Interactive Services Inc. and an amateur photographer.

Mr. Peter Landry – made his vast collection of historical writings available to the committee. Pete Landry is a lawyer and has developed interests in the areas of history, philosophy and economics.

– served as the committee’s technical advisor, editor and consultant in all phases of its work. Dene Rossouw is a Communications Advisor in the Executive Office of the Nova Scotia Judiciary.

The Committee extends a special tribute to Madam Justice Nancy Bateman, Chair of the Nova Scotia Courts web site committee, for her continuous support for projects that help to make the role of Canada’s judiciary understandable to a wider audience.

Funding for this project was provided by the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society and the Department of Justice.

Any legal information in the resource materials is intended for general educational purposes and should not form the basis of legal advice of any kind.

The contents of this site may be reproduced for educational, non-commercial purposes.

The 250 th Anniversary of the Supreme Court history web site was produced by a sub-committee consisting of the following members:

Mr. Dean Jobb
Ms. Terri Harlow
Ms. Lynne Reed
Mr. Justice Joel Fichaud
Prof. Phil Girard
Mr. Barry Cahill
Mr. Dene Rossouw
Mr. Pete Landry

© 2004 The Courts of Nova Scotia

Graphic images:

Portraits of the Chief Justices
All portraits owned by Nova Scotia Barristers Society and used with permission.

Archive Volume 1 and Volume 2
Illustrations courtesy Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management. Used by permission.

Map of Chebucto Harbour and Town of Halifax (“Porcupine Map” of Nova Scotia)
Internet Library of Early Journals (ILEJ) –
The map appeared in the Gentleman’s Magazine,
Vol. 20, February 1750

Nova Scotia Assembly(met first in 1758 in Halifax Court House) By Charles Walter Simpson, Library and Archives Canada, C-019355

Sketch of Dalhousie Law School and photograph of James Robinson Johnston appear on Dalhousie Website:

Thomas Chandler Halliburton , Nova Scotia Archives, NA CC 40887

The Coming of the Loyalists 1783, by Henry Sandham, Library and Archives of Canada, Acc. No. 1996-282-7.

Richard John Uniacke – Nova Scotia Museum image (from Uniacke House Estate Museum website of the NS Museum:, and
Richard John Uniacke, Jr. – Photograph of miniature by Robert Field on display at Uniacke House Estate Museum

Hon. John William Ritchie, Q.C. (Senator), April 1868, Library and Archives of Canada, PA - 02526

The Governor’s House and St. Mather’s Meeting House, Halifax, 1759
Engraving by Richard Short, NSARM neg. no. 4215

“The Clockmaker” by Sam Slick , Thomas Chandler Halliburton photograph of frontispiece

The Trial of Joseph Howe photograph of the plaque on his statue located at Province House, Halifax, Nova Scotia; photograph of Howe, Library and Archives of Canada -PA25465

“Phillis”: Source: Nova Scotia Archives website:

WIGS - copied from on-line UK catalogue

Map of Canada at Confederation:
(Canadian Department of Natural Resources)

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