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Part 20 - Citation, Interpretation, And Documents

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Rule 93 Citation
93.01 Citation and meaning of references
93.02 Citation of former Rules
Rule 94 Interpretation
94.01 General
94.02 Time
94.03 Extension of time in appeal
94.04 Sessions and sittings referred to in legislation
94.05 Application referred to in legislation
94.06 Judicial discretion when party permitted to make a motion
94.07 Interlocutory notice and party disentitled to notice
94.08 Rules applicable to non-party
94.09 Withholding information solely to impeach
94.10 Definitions
Rule 95 Preparation of Documents
95.01 Scope of Rule 95
95.02 Signing documents
95.03 Forms, except Forms of headings, may be varied
95.04 Forms
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