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Part 16 - Costs, Order And Enforcement

Rule 77 Costs
77.01 Scope of Rule 77
INSTRUCTIONS >>  ..... the "amount involved” shall be:
TARIFF A >> Tariff of Fees for Solicitor's Services Allowable to a Party Entitled to Costs on a Decision or Order in a Proceeding
TARIFF B >> Tariff of Party and Party costs allowed on an Appeal to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal
TARIFF C >> Tariff of Costs payable following an Application heard in Chambers by the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia
TARIFF D >> Tariff of Fees for Solicitor's Services Allowable to a Party Entitled to Costs on the Signing of Default Judgment
TARIFF E >> Tariff of Fees for Solicitor's Services Allowable to a Party Entitled to Costs in an Uncontested Proceeding for Foreclosure, or Foreclosure and Sale
TARIFF F >> Tariff of fees allowed for Solicitor's Services Allowable to a Party Entitled to Costs in a Proceeding which is Discontinued or Settled
77.02 General discretion (party and party costs)
77.03 Liability for costs
77.04 Relief from liability because of poverty
77.05 Assessment of interlocutory costs
77.06 Assessment of costs under tariff at end of proceeding
77.07 Increasing or decreasing tariff amount
77.08 Lump sum amount instead of tariff
77.09 Amount under a Rule about indemnification
77.10 Disbursements included in award
77.11 Set-off against party and party costs
77.12 Award of costs in other circumstances
77.13 Counsel’s fees and disbursements: entitlement and assessment
77.14 Counsel’s fees and disbursements: contingency fee agreement
77.15 Charging order
77.16 Taxation of costs
77.17 Appeal of taxation
77.18 Reference to adjudicator
TARIFFS Tariffs of costs and fees to be used in determining party and party costs
Rule 78 Order
78.01 Scope of Rule 78
78.02 Order by judge
78.03 Orders made in writing or orally
78.04 Finalizing operative terms of order
78.05 Form of written order Order Form 78.05
78.06 Approving and issuing written order
78.07 When and how order becomes effective
78.08 Errors and extensions of time
78.09 Proof order is satisfied or performed
Rule 79 Enforcement by Execution Order
79.01 Definitions
79.02 Scope of Rule 79
79.03 Judgment binding land
79.04 Judgment binding moveable
79.05 Execution order
79.06 Exceptions
79.07 Parties
79.08 Attachment of debt or other obligation
79.09 Judgment debtor’s joint account
79.10 Content of notice to joint account holder Notice of execution against joint account Form 79.10
79.11 Enforcement against partner or partnership
79.12 Content of execution order (amount)
79.13 Content of execution order (sale of land)
79.14 Content of execution order (liquidation of other property)
79.15 Content of execution order (injunctions)
79.16 Content of execution order (duties of sheriff and directions)
79.17 Form of execution order Execution order Form 79.17A
Statement of amount for execution Form 79.17B
79.18 Periodic execution order
79.19 Content of periodic execution order Periodic execution order Form 79.19
79.20 Return of execution order
79.21 Duplicate and superceding execution orders
79.22 Stay and expiry of execution order
79.23 Discovery of debtor in aid of execution Subpoena Form 79.23A
Representation for a subpoena to a judgment debtor Form 79.23B
79.24 Discovery of others
79.25 Delivery of subpoena and witness fees
79.26 Conduct of discovery in aid of execution
Rule 80 Other Enforcement Orders
80.01 Scope of Rule 80
80.02 Enforcement


Discovery and production to aid enforcement
Rule 81 Reciprocal Enforcement
81.01 Scope of Rule 81
81.02 Application for registration
81.03 Notice after ex parte registration Notice of registration Form 81.03
81.04 Motion to set aside
81.05 Enforcement
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