The Forms below are interactive, so they can be filled out on your computer. However, they must still be printed and filed with the Court on paper.


NSSC Practice Memorandums (#1 Foreclosure Procedures and #2 Affidavits of Service)


Practice Memorandum #1 - Foreclosure Procedures


I.  General

1.1 Authority      
1,2 Purpose      
1.3 Subject      
1.4 Choice of Procedures      

II.  Actions for Foreclosure, Sale, and Possession

2.1 Authority  
2.2 The Simplified Procedure  
2.3 The simplified procedure is unlikely to be suitable in actions involving:  
2.4 The Alternative Procedure  
2.5 Documentation Notice of Action PDF Form
    Statement of Claim PDF Form
    Ex Parte Motion PDF Form
    Affidavit of Counsel PDF Form
    Certificate re Registry Act PDF Form
    Certificate re Land Registry Act PDF Form
    Affidavit of Mortgagee PDF Form
    Summary Statement of Account PDF Form
    Order for Foreclosure, Sale, and Possession PDF Form
    Instructions for Conduct of Foreclosure Auction Instructions  
2.6 Some Advice      
2.7 Notice of Public Auction Notice of Public Auction PDF Form
    Affidavit of Counsel on Confirmation PDF Form
2.8 Sale Procedure    
2.9 Post Sale Procedure      
2.10 Costs    
2.11 Judgment    

III. Motions for Deficiency Judgement or Distribution of Surplus

3.1 Authority      
3.2 Purpose      
3.3 General Provisions      
3.4 Claim for Surplus      
3.5 Claim for Deficiency      
3.6 Solicitor’s Statement of Account      
3,7 Commentary on Protective Disbursements    
3.8 Documentation      
3.9 Costs      

IV.  Foreclosure of Collateral Mortgages, Including Mortgages for Future Debt

4.1 Collateral Mortgage vs. Standard Mortgage    
4.2 Foreclose a Collateral Mortgage    
4.3 Amendments to Standardized Documentation    
4.4 Debt Instruments Brief    
4.5 Alternative Procedure for Creditors who hold Collateral Mortgages.    

Practice Memorandum #2 - Affidavits of Service

Personal service of a notice is proved by an affidavit of service that includes a certified copy of the notice:
Rule 31.05(2)(c).
Form PM2-A