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The Provincial Court has jurisdiction to try almost all indictable offence charges under the Criminal Code (a charge of murder by an adult accused being the main exception) and has exclusive jurisdiction over all summary offence charges under provincial and federal statutes and regulations. If an accused person elects or is subject to trial in the Supreme Court, the Provincial Court holds a preliminary inquiry.

Proceedings relating to all charges under the Criminal Code and the Youth Criminal Justice Act, as well as charges under other federal statutes and the many provincial statutes, commence in Provincial Court. More than than 95% of the proceedings which commence in Provincial Court remain there to completion.

Justices of the Peace assist the Provincial Court by swearing informations and affidavits, issuing summonses and subpoenas, receiving pleas and, in relation to summary offences, imposing minimum penalties.

The Nova Scotia Department of Justice provides administrative and operational support to the Provincial Court.

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