A Message From The
Chief Justice
Of Nova Scotia

Welcome to the Nova Scotia Judiciary’s Courts website.

CJ MacDonald
The Honourable
Chief Justice
Michael MacDonald

As a whole, the website is a reflection of three fundamental principles of
Canada's Courts:
1. access to justice
2.  transparency and accountability
judicial independence

The Courts exist to serve society. The principle of “access to justice”
- access to the Courts - offers people the opportunity to peacefully resolve their disputes. It provides those who stand accused, a fair and impartial hearing. And it creates a setting in which Canadians can debate and resolve their important social issues.

Ours are open Courts. The principle of “transparency and accountability of the judicial process”, makes what goes on in the Courts transparent so all those involved can be held accountable.

The Judiciary is independent. The principle of “judicial independence” does not exist for the benefit of Judges but for the benefit of all Canadians. It ensures that whomever appears before a Judge will get a fair and impartial hearing, free of outside influence of any kind.