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Understanding the Law

  • Access to Justice Network - Canadian law and justice resource materials
  • Canada's System of Justice - When we think about law, it is often criminal law that [ Lawyer ]comes to mind. Many other laws exist however, which affect our daily lives - such as those that tell us to drive on the right side of the road, or govern the relationship between a tenant and a landlord or determine whether we are eligible to marry or divorce. It is important to understand that laws not only bring order to our society, but are also tools of social policy - for example, designating who is eligible for government financial assistance, or what expenses qualify as a tax deduction. It is helpful to consider why we have laws in Canada and how they developed.
  • Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia
    An excellent resource site with sections for the general public on Criminal Law, Jury Duty, Peace Bonds, Sexual Assault, Wife Abuse, Employment Law, Family Law, Custody and Access, Divorce, Family Court, Maintenance, Living Wills, Social Assistance Appeals and much more.
  • The Criminal Case: Step by Step - A simplified explanation of how a Canadian criminal prosecution works - prepared by the Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service

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