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Services of the Family Division:

Conciliation | Mediation | Assessments | Parent Education

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A number of services are provided in the Family Division. Some are intended to give parties an opportunity to resolve family disputes outside of the court process in appropriate cases. Others give information on the effects that separation and divorce may have on individuals and their children. Others are in place to explain court procedure, and the legal process if you are not represented by a lawyer. These services are intended to reduce the conflict and tension that families experience when going through separation or divorce or dealing with family conflicts. Referrals to crisis and post-separation counselling and health care professionals are also available.

When individuals first come to the Family Division they will meet with a court officer who helps determine which programs or services would address their issues. The parties are required by the court to exchange appropriate information to properly address the issues that have been identified. If the parties are interested in pursuing an alternative to court, services are available, including mediation.

Everyone is encouraged to obtain legal advice at each stage of the process.

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Divorce Judgements:
For information on Divorce Judgements, Corollary Relief Judgements, and Certificates of Divorce, please see our FAQ section.

The programs and services of the court are administered and delivered by the Nova Scotia Department of Justice.