Dartmouth Professional Centre
277 Pleasant Street
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
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The Program operates out of Courtoom #5 on the 1st floor & the
Program's office is on the 2nd floor

Contact the Program at the above address
or call (902) 722-1040

The Mental Health Court and the Court Monitored Drug Treatment Program sits most Thursdays at at 1:30 PM

Who is it for?

Participation in the Court Monitored Drug Treatment Program is voluntary. It is for people 19 years or older, who live in the Halifax Regional Municipality and have been charged with a criminal offence substantially connected to their opioid addiction. The charge(s) must also be within the jurisdiction of the Provincial Court.

The prospective participants must acknowledge their guilt and the Crown must consent to their participation in the program.

Eligible participants for the Court Monitored Drug Treatment Program must also be participating in the Nova Scotia Health Authority's Opioid Treatment Program in Dartmouth.


What can a participant expect?

A prospective participant is assessed by Addictions and Treatment Professionals, who provide an assessment for the team's consideration. The Crown also reviews the charge(s) and decides whether to allow the individual to participate.

If accepted, the participant will…

To print a brochure containing information about the Mental Health Court Program
and the Court Monitored Drug Treatment Program,

  - enter a guilty plea(s)
  - sign a Consent and Waiver form detailing what will be expected
  - take part in addiction treatment and support sessions
  - appear in Court, once a week at first, and then as directed
  - submit to regular urine tests


If participants fail to comply with the requirements of the Program, the Judge may impose special conditions, including more frequent court appearances, closer supervision, directed projects, probation changes, bail revocation, or termination from the Program.


What rules must a participant follow?

As a condition of being formally admitted to the Court Monitored Drug Treatment Program, participants must sign a substance testing waiver and a document agreeing to the conditions of their participation in the Program. READ/PRINT THE PROGRAM RULES >>


What happens in the end?

Typically, participants are involved in the Program for between 12 and 24 months. The length of time depends on the seriousness of the charges and their progress in the program.

When participants complete the Program, they will be sentenced and most likely will serve a period of probation. Upon completion, they can continue to treatment with the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s Opioid Treatment Program.

There is also a Court Monitored Drug Treatment Program
in Kentville,
serving Kings and Hants Counties.
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A Mental Health Court Program is also being piloted in Kentville.
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