Rule 1 Citation, Application And Interpretation
1.01 Citation
1.02 Application
1.03 Object of Rules
1.04 Application of Interpretation Act and Civil Procedure Rules
1.05 Definitions
1.06 Waiver of Rule by agreement
Rule 2 Effect of Non-compliance
2.01 Non-compliance with Rules
Rule 3 Time
3.01 Computation of time
3.02 Time Definition Act
3.03 Extension, etc. of time
Rule 4 Forms
4.01 Form
Rule 5 Parties
5.01 More than one party
5.02 Order separate trials
5.03 Change of parties
5.04 A party may be represented in a proceeding
5.05 Guardian ad litem
5.06 Appointment of guardian ad litem
5.07 Settlement, etc. by person under disability
5.08 Control of money recovered
5.09 Third person as party
5.10 As amicus curiae
Rule 6 Commencement of Proceedings
6.01 Definitions
6.02 Information
6.03 Family court officer filing
6.04 Facsimile transmissions
6.05 Starting a proceeding
  Form 6.02A - Notice of Application (.doc)
  Form 6.02B - Notice of Variation Application (.doc)
  Form 6.02C - Response to Application (.doc)
  Form 6.02D - Response to Variation Application (.doc)
6.06 Disclosure by parenting statement and deadline for filing
6.07 Disclosure by financial statements
6.08 Disclosure of financial information - child support & other claims
6.09 Disclosure by affidavit
6.10 Deadlines for filing financial statements
6.11 Direction to disclose
  Form 6.11 - Direction to Disclose (.doc)
6.12 Order to appear and disclose and order to disclose
  Form 6.12A - Order to Appear and Disclose (.doc)
  Form 6.12B - Order to Disclose (.doc)
6.13 Order for disclosure by non-party
  Form 6.13 - Order for Disclosure by a Non-party (.doc)
6.14 Court-based ADR
6.15 Court-based ADR meeting and directions
  Form 6.15 - Direction to Appear (.doc)
6.16 Conduct of court-based ADR
6.17 Consent order in court-based ADR
6.18 Interim order for child support
6.19 Variation of, or setting aside, a family court officer’s order
6.20 Court-based ADR record
  Form 6.20 - Court-Based ADR Record (.doc)
6.21 Referral to court
  Form 6.21 - Notice to Appear in Court (.doc)
6.22 Conference
6.23 Settlement conference procedure
6.24 Paternity test
6.25 Parent information program
Rule 7 Service
7.01 General provision
7.02 Substituted service
7.03 Affidavit of service
7.04 No service in certain cases
Rule 8 Amendment
8.01 Of a document in a proceeding
8.02 By the court
Rule 9 Reply
9.01 File a reply
Rule 10 Admissions and Expert Witnesses
10.01 Voluntary admissions
10.02 Expert witnesses
Rule 11 Pre-hearing Conferences
11.01 Conference procedure
Rule 12 Hearing Procedures
12.01 Failure to attend
12.02 Adjournment
12.04 Exclusion of witnesses, etc.
12.05 Copies of document for other party
12.06 Proof of fact or document subsequent to hearing
12.07 Order for documents
12.08 Interpreters
12.09 Subpoena
12.10 Service of subpoena
12.11 Duration of subpoena
12.12 Subpoena of opposing party
12.13 Failure to obey
Rule 13 Form of Affidavits
13.01 An affidavit used in a proceeding shall be:
13.02 Contents of affidavit
13.03 Exhibits
13.04 Scandalous, etc., matter in affidavit
  Rule 14 Discontinuance and Withdrawal
  14.01 At any time after a proceeding is begun:
  14.02 Upon the filing of a notice of ....
  14.03 Effect of discontinuance
  Rule 15 Orders
  15.01 Requiring an act to be done
  15.02 Preparation of an order
  15.03 Issue of order
  15.04 Certification of order
  Rule 16 Transfer and Consolidation of a Proceeding and
Exercise of Jurisdiction by Another Judge
  16.01 Transfer of a proceeding
  16.02 Consolidation
  16.03 Exercise of jurisdiction
  Rule 17 Costs
  17.01 The amount of costs shall ...
  Rule 18 Practice Memoranda
  18.01 Issuing Practice memoranda
  Rule 19 Ex Parte Applications
  19.01 A notice of an ex parte application shall set forth ...
  Rule 20 Costs on Judgment
  20.01 A judgment ..... may be for costs ...
  Rule 21 Proceedings Under Children & Family Services Act
  21.01 Interpretation
  21.02 Forms
    Form 21.02A - Application (.doc)
    Form 21.02B - Order (.doc)
  21.03 Ex parte applications
    Form 21.03A - Application and Affidavit for Production and Inspection of Records (.doc)
    Form 21.03B - Application and Affidavit for Investigative Order(s) (.doc)
    Form 21.03C - Application and Affidavit for Order to Locate and Detain Runaway Child (.doc)
    Form 21.03D - Application and Affidavit for Order to Enter and Search for Child .doc)
  21.04 Taking into care
    Form 21.04A - Notice of Taking into Care (.doc)
  21.05 Commencement of proceedings
    Form 21.05A - Protection Application and Notice of Hearing (.doc)
  21.06 Place of hearing
  21.07 Joinder of proceedings
  21.08 Interim hearings
  21.09 Disclosure and discovery
  21.10 Mediation, pre-hearing conferences
    Form 21.10A - Order (.doc)
  21.11 Protection hearing
  21.12 Disposition hearing
    Form 21.12A - Application for Disposition Order and Notice of Hearing (.doc)
    Form 21.12B - Agency Plan for Child’s Care (.doc)
    Form 21.12C - Order of Dismissal (.doc)
    Form 21.12D - Supervision Order (.doc)
    Form 21.12E - Order for Temporary Care and Custody (.doc)
    Form 21.12F - Order for Permanent Care and Custody (.doc)
  21.13 Reviews
    Form 21.13A - Review Application and Notice of Hearing (.doc)
  21.14 Termination of permanent care and custody orders and variation of access
    Form 21.14A - Application Respecting Access Under an Order for Permanent Care and Custody and Notice of Hearing (.doc)
    Form 21.14B - Application to Terminate Order for Permanent Care and Custody and Notice of Hearing (.doc)
    Form 21.14C - Supervision Order (.doc)
    Form 21.14D - Order Terminating an Order for Permanent Care and Custody (.doc)
  21.15 Settlement and maintenance
    Form 21.15A - Notice of Settlement (.doc)
    Form 21.15B - Acceptance of Settlement (.doc)
    Form 21.15C - Notice of Finding of Settlement (.doc)
  21.16 Consent to treatment
    Form 21.16A - Application for Consent to Treatment and Notice of Hearing (.doc)
  21.17 Child abuse register
    Form 21.17A - Application for a Finding for Purposes of Entry in Child Abuse Register (.doc)
    Form 21.17B - Notice of Objection (.doc)
    Form 21.17C - Notice of Default (.doc)
    Form 21.17D - Notice of Hearing (.doc)
    Form 21.17E - Order of Finding of Abuse (.doc)
    Form 21.17F - Application and Affidavit for Removal (.doc)
    Form 21.17G - Order of Removal (.doc)
  Rule 22 Execution and Garnishee Orders
  22.01 Civil Procedure Rules respecting Execution Orders apply ...
  22.02 In the absence of arrears of maintenance ...
    Form 9 - Garnishee Order (not available at this time)  
  Rule 23 Disclosure
  23.01 Custody and access
  23.02 Child maintenance
  23.03 Spousal maintenance
  Personal Representation Form (.doc)
  Form FC 1: Statement of Contact Information and Circumstances (.doc)
  Form FC 2: Parenting Statement (.doc)
  Form FC 3: Statement of Income (.doc)
  Form FC 4: Statement of Special or Extraordinary Expenses (.doc)
  Form FC 5: Statement of Undue Hardship Circumstances (.doc)
  Form FC 6: Statement of Expenses (.doc)
  Form FC 7: Waiver of Financial Statements (.doc)
  Form FCO 1: Interim Order for Child Maintenance (.doc)
  Form FCO 2: Order for a Paternity Test (.doc)
  Form FCO 3: Order (.doc)



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