Part 17 - Administration

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Rule 82 Administration of Civil Proceedings
82.01 Scope of Rule 82
82.02 Responsibility of Chief Justice
82.03 Responsibilities of prothonotary
82.04 Delegation by prothonotary
82.05 Filing documents
82.06 Format of document
82.07 Restrict personal information
82.08 Provide personal information for contact
82.09 Headings:
The headings for each of the following originating documents must conform with the following forms:
Originating Document Rule Form
Notice of Action 4.02 82.09A
Notice of Action for Debt 4.03 82.09A
Ex Parte Application 5.02 82.09B
Notice of Application in Chambers 5.03 82.09C
Notice of Application in Court 5.07 82.09C
Notice of Contest (Application in Court) 5.08 82.09C
Notice of Claim by Respondent 5.09 82.09C
Contest of Respondent's Claim 5.10 82.09C
Notice for Judicial Review 7.05 82.09C
Notice for Habeas Corpus 7.12 82.09C
Notice of Appeal 7.19 82.09D
Notice of Summary Conviction Appeal 63.05 63.04
Application for Reduction of Parole Ineligibility 65.04 65.03
Election Petition 69.02 82.09E
Notice of Claim Against A Third Party 4.10 82.09F
Notice of Child Protection Application 60A.03 82.09G
Application for Removal from Child Abuse Register 60A.32 82.09H
Notice of Adult Protection Application 60A.39 82.09I
Notice of Adult Protection Application
(After Removal)
60A.40 82.09I
Application for Adoption with Consents 61.02 82.09J
Notice of Application 59.07 82.09K
Petition for Divorce 59.09 82.09L
Notice of Variation Application 59.12 82.09K
Application for Divorce by Agreement 59.45 82.09M
Joint Application for Divorce 59.46 82.09N
Petition for Divorce 62.09 82.09O
Application for Divorce by Agreement 62.14 82.09P
Joint Application for Divorce 62.15 82.09Q
82.10 Order returning document
82.11 Fax filing
82.12 Electronic filing
82.13 Filing written decision and publication
82.14 Document starting proceeding
82.15 Filing miscellaneous document
82.16 Money in court
82.17 Duty of party when proceeding no longer required
82.18 Dismissal for want of prosecution
82.19 Judge designated to complete work of another
82.20 Orders by prothonotary without judge’s approval
82.21 Issuing order approved by judge or made by prothonotary
82.22 Varying order or re-opening proceeding
Rule 83 Amendment
83.01 Scope of Rule 83
83.02 Amendment of notice in an action
83.03 Amendment of notice in other kind of proceeding
83.04 Amendment to add or remove party
83.05 Amendment of notice of motion
83.06 Response to amended document
83.07 Correcting other court documents
83.08 Form of amended document
83.09 Date of amendment
83.10 Party disentitled to notice
83.11 Amendment by judge
83.12 Amendment by Court of Appeal
Rule 84 Court Records
84.01 Scope of Rule 84
84.02 Civil proceedings index
84.03 Recording
84.04 Exhibits
84.05 Control by the court of documents offsite
Rule 85 Access to Court Records
85.01 Scope of Rule 85
85.02 Access to court record of proceeding
85.03 Broadcasting audio recording
85.04 Order for confidentiality
85.05 Notice of motion for confidentiality order
85.06 Privileged documents
85.07 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
85.08 Access to court records in general
85.09 Personal information
Rule 86 Judicial Communication Across Borders
86.01 Scope of Rule 86
86.02 Motion for joint communications or hearings
86.03 Organizing communications, or joint conferences or hearings
86.04 Joint conference
86.05 Joint hearing
86.06 Conduct of joint hearing by teleconference
86.07 Translation and interpretation
86.08 Foreign law
86.09 Temporary standing
86.10 Lifting stay of proceeding
86.11 Variation and withdrawal
Rule 87 Communication With a Judge
87.01 Scope of Rule 87
87.02 Communicating in writing
87.03 Other means of communicating
87.04 Obtaining permission
87.05 Emergencies outside business hours
87.06 Unilateral communications
Rule 88 Abuse of Process
88.01 Scope of Rule 88
88.02 Remedies for abuse
88.03 Unsustainable pleading
88.04 Motion by prothonotary
88.05 Separation of allegation that proceeding is abusive
Rule 89 Contempt
89.01 Scope of Rule 89
Contempt and order for payment of money
89.03 Citation by judge
89.04 Motion or application by person other than judge
89.05 Notice of motion for contempt order Notice of motion for a contempt order Form 89.05
89.06 Notice of application for contempt order For information about the Form, see Rule 5
89.07 Time for hearing, notice, and filing
89.08 Compelling attendance for motion or application
89.09 Disclosure and silence
89.10 Discovery
89.11 Arrest, detention, and release Arrest warrant for a contempt hearing Form 89.11
89.12 Conduct of hearing
89.13 Penalties for contempt
89.14 Discharge and variation of contempt order


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