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The Docket

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July - August, 2016 ~ Chambers session are held but no appeals are heard.
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The Law Courts Building
1815 Upper Water Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 1S7


Telephone: (902) 424-4900
Fax: (902) 424-0524

All inquiries regarding the Court of Appeal should be directed to the Registrar at:
(902) 424-8962 or E-MAIL THE RESISTRAR >>


The Decisions Being Appealed

The Court of Appeal hears appeals in both civil and criminal matters from the Supreme Court and, in criminal matters, from the Provincial Court, Family Court, and the Youth Court. It also hears appeals of decisions by tribunals such as the Workers' Compensation Board, the Utilities Review Board, and the Human Rights Commission.

Where the decision being appealed is published on the COURTS OF NOVA SCOTIA DECISIONS DATABASE >> there will be a link to it on the docket (in blue, underlined text). A published decision may alternately be found on the "CanLII" (CANADIAN LEGAL INFORMATION INSTITUTE) >> database by searching using the "Citation Number" (example: 2006 NSSC 229). Both databases are accessible free of charge.

A paper copy of all decisions being appealed, whether published or not, can be found in the Appeal Book contained in the Appeal case file. Paper copies of these decisions may be obtained (but may be subject to a publication ban or other restrictions) for a per-page fee by attending in person at the Court of Appeal administration office at the Law Courts (see address & map above). You must provide the appeal citation number which appears in the "Case" column of the docket (example: CA 280192)

There are also several commercial publishers of Court decisions which may include the decisions being appealed to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal on their databases. These are also only accessible by paid subscription.